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I usually review movies I saw in cinemas, but this time I am going to make one from Netflix. It is an action movie about an assassin who is about to retire. The premise of the movie sounds a bit familiar, isn’t it?

Polar Movie Poster. Photo grabbed from Google

Polar is an action movie filled with entertaining gore and an interesting soundtrack. Its main protagonist is the about-to-retire assassin named Duncan Vizia also known as the Black Kaiser, played by Mads Mikkelsen. He is known on the characters he played in movies like Star Wars, Doctor Strange, and the series Hannibal. Vanessa Hudgens is also in the film.

It is somewhat similar to John Wick with the idea of an assassin heading to or on retirement. There is even a small subtle gag here of him trying to get a pet but didn’t work for him. It turns out him and John Wick would never get along if ever they cross paths.

There is a certain group of assassins here that are quite entertaining. They introduced these characters here like how Warner Bros did in the movie Suicide Squad but better. They just have names flashing on their faces and nothing else. They have these scenes where they are ruthless at the same time funny. Even without not much of a backstory, they are still quite interesting.

A Group of Assassins. Photo grabbed from Google.

There are a lot of things here that to me, looks like a mix of John Wick, Raid Redemption, Kingsman, Taken and the Bourne movies. It has great fight scenes and a gruesome torture scene. I have nothing against John Wick but Duncan Vizia may seem more believable when you would describe a retiring assassin.

Mads Mikkelsen as the Black Kaiser. Photo grabbed from Google.

I will rate this 8 out of 10. This is a cool action flick. You can only see this in Netflix. If you don’t have one, subscribe.

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