My Review on Bumblebee

It was 1984 when The Transformers animated series arrived on TV screens and since then they became icons when it comes to robots. These are robots who transforms to cars, jets and even radios with tape cassettes. From toys, they got into boys’ hearts more than it meets the eye.

Then came 2007, when the first live-action film Transformers came to be. It is the first of Michael Bay’s Transformer movies. It afterwards went downhill with the sequels, giving us racism, sexism, lousy jokes, bad pacing and lazy story-writing.

On the second week of 2019, now came a new transformer movie, named after its main protagonist, Bumblebee. After five Transformer films, Michael took off the helm of directing and gave to Travis Knight. Travis Knight is known for films he did like Kubo, and the Two Strings. I went out to see it in a cinema in Ali Mall, Cubao.

Bumblebee movie poster. Photo grabbed from Google

Bumblebee starts with a scene where every transformers’ fanboy wants to see for more than a decade, that is to see live Generation One (G1) transformers battling out in Cybertron. I was astounded on that scene. It was so cool to see them in live-action (well, at least 3-D) movie. Knight didn’t go mostly with the designs Bay did but with what we saw and loved in the animated (Generation One) series.

Ravage with Soundwave on the background. Photo grabbed from Google

The story is decent. Somewhat similar but a lot cooler than the movie, Iron Giant. You can make a few laughs with John Cena and some minor chuckles with Bumblebee. The actors here are all great. Women here are not objectified but respected.

Charlie with Bumblebee. Photo grabbed from Google.

It may have a bit more drama but it is not big of a deal after seeing all those really cool action scenes. Speaking of action scenes, you can see how the transformers fight, even at night! It not just some pile of complicated pieces of metal junk smashed to one another. It is far better compared to the Transformer movies Bay did.

Generation One Optimus Prime. Photo grabbed from Google.

All in all, I rate this 8 out of 10. It is not perfect, but as a Transformers fan, this makes me want to watch it again. Rolling out 🙂

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