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I am getting mixed reviews about this new DCEU film that it makes me want to watch it. I used to be not fond of Aquaman. Even in the comics nor the animation. I am more of a Batman and Flash fan. Given that, I am still a bit intrigued if Warner Bros. and DC might have something in their wet sleeves that would make me have at least a splash of interest towards the character.

Aquaman Movie Poster. Photo grabbed from Google.

Aquaman starts with his origin story. Revealing how Arthur Perry a.k.a Aquaman came to be. A half-human half-atlantean breed who eventually becomes a member of the Justice League. They no longer go to that dark monotone look like they had with Batman V. Superman. And even though there is still a lot of CGI, it looks more interesting. They have a lot of colors splashed into this.

If Marvel has Wakanda, DC has Atlantis. It is an underwater city full of colorful lights. I was amazed on how they took time to introduce this underwater city and how wonderful it is. One thing missing here is that they did not have a scene where they mingle with the locals here. Having that sense of place being habituated by Atlanteans. It would have been fun and a bit of a chuckle of they have undersea billboards for advertisements or undersea streets with vendors selling fishballs or something but that is just me.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman looks cool but I think he needs to work a bit more on his acting. He is some bad-ass underwater red-neck but there is still something missing. I cannot connect with his struggles, with his fear, or with his vulnerability. It could make the story more appealing. You don’t get what I am trying to say? Compare him to another bearded big guy – Thor.

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry also known as Aquaman

Despite his shortcomings, Jason still has charisma for some ladies, and for guys like me, there is Mera. Amber Heard as Mera is a sight to behold. She looks hot in here. Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren and Nicole Kidman did a fantastic job on their roles. Black Manta looks cool here. I want to see more of him on the sequel.

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard as Mera

After watching the film, it turns out Aquaman isn’t as corny as some people used to say. There is nothing corny for a guy who can control a Kaiju-category-five freaking sea monster! Yeah! It is one of the cool things he can do. So, you have to check it out. I rate this 8 out of 10. Enough testing the waters, go for a swim with this film.


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  1. Fair enough. It was definitely a feast to the eyes, with all the effects and sights to behold.
    My problem with it is the lack of cohesiveness of the script. There’s just too many things going on that I couldn’t appreciate the storyline.
    Given all those, I’m still hopeful for Aquaman in the upcoming DC movies.

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