My Review on Mortal Engines

It was Saturday when I decided to the Gateway Mall to watch the movie Mortal Engines. It is a movie about cities on wheels.

Mortal Engines movie poster. Photo grabbed from Google

Mortal Engines gives a fresh take on what a post-apocalyptic war be like. It is a mix of steampunk designed engines and cities. They provided a premise where people go back on what our ancient does before to survive- that is moving from one place to another. There are town and cities here on wheels and tracks. Some even fly or float on the sky.

A moving city. Photo grabbed from Google

I am not familiar with the actors and actresses here except for Hugo Weaving and Stephen Lang. In which they both play as antagonists as they always do on most of the movies, they are in. With the actors and actress not that known, I strive to like the main characters through their charisma and wit. Unfortunately, they seem to lack on both. Maybe because of its facing pacing and lack of time to explore the world and not enough exposition of what is happening. There is this one secondary character here named Anna Fang, that is a just a bit cool.

Anna fang. Photo grabbed from Google

The movie is based on a book and it seems there are a lot of things missing. Shaw and Shrike’s relationship isn’t shown enough for the audience to feel bad for both. Another is the Shield wall city, where the climax of the story takes place. It is like it lacks the capacity to make the audience invest their emotions to the movie’s characters.

The special effects are great. It does not look like it was done with a green screen at the background. The film has potential to be great if only being given a bit more time.

I am going to rate this movie 6 out of 10. It is okay.

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