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It has been a few years ago when I last saw Wreck-it-Ralph in a cinema. I think Wreck-it-Ralph is one of those pioneers of movies and series that gives out nostalgia because of those “retro” things we experienced before. Things like movies, series, and games. It is then followed with movies like Pixels, Ready Player One, and the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Ralph Breaks the Internet movie poster. Photo grabbed from Google

Ralph Breaks the Internet is set six years after the events in Wreck-it-Ralph. Here, Ralph and Penelope are doing fun things all the time. They are best friends that are always together until something happen to Candy Rush and it needs saving.

Unlike Wreck-it-Ralph, this movie is now having the main characters travel through the internet. It is great actually. Seeing things that most people can totally relate to and you’ll have a significant amount of chuckle with the audience on how smart and funny certain sites and elements are manifested in this movie. It is incredible how they came up with such elements as if you’re watching the fun Disney, for-kids style of the movie, Matrix.

Ralph and Penelope discovered the internet. Photo grabbed from Google.

As a blogger, I am amazed on how things are depicted here. It is like if you’re someone new to the internet, this will give you a clearest idea on how sites work. On how ads and viral videos work for people to earn from. You can also see dark side of the internet here like cyber-bullying, viruses, etc.

Since this is a Disney production, most of their works are featured here. You can see characters from Marvel and Star Wars on the background. Even the Disney princesses are here and they are really fun to watch, even for a guy like me.

penelope with Disney princesses. Photo grabbed from Google.

I always say that Disney 3D animation movies always have these discreet lessons about life. Like Toy Story 3 speaks about retirement, Zootopia is about racial discrimination and stereotyping, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is about parenthood and disability.

Ralph breaks the Internet speaks about relationship, jealously, insecurity, and letting go. I actually didn’t expect that they would tackle about such things but they did. The people behind these films really amazes me.

This is a great film. I’ll give this a 9/10.

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