My Review on Overlord

I’ve been much of a bum lately that I checked out the internet for good films. Then I saw this film and it is getting quite a reception despite not having famous actors in it.

Overlord movie poster. Photo grabbed from Google

Overlord is film set on the last days of World War Two. It is about these American soldiers sent to France on a mission that would pave a way for Alliance’s triumph over the Nazis. Pretty conventional at first but there’s a twist: It has zombie-like monsters.

Its first scene is like the first scene we see in Saving Private Ryan. They show how horrible and scary world war two is to a paratrooper’s perspective. They started out by introducing the characters on their way to the war zone. You’ll get a hint on what these characters are.

The movie also shows that gloomy side of Europe. The setting is similar to where Dracula or Frankenstein is but, in a world war two era. The Nazis are pricks. They spit and they take civilians for their horrendous experiments to make them stronger. Apparently, their experiments, as similar as they did in real life, produced casualties and worse, monsters.

The protagonists are a bit of a cliché of most war films. There’s a “guy with a heart”, a bad-ass officer, a loud kind of annoying “Italian” guy, a photographer or journalist, and a girl who is a local of the place they are in. Even though, they are not much a new mix of heroes, it still works.

Boyce (Left) rescuing Rosenfield (Right). Photo grabbed from Google

The scenes are horrific. From the uncertainties of making it alive in a battle to the grotesque of Nazi experiments. It makes me think that soldiers and mad scientists are a good mix as well as having a horror movie mixed with action.

Boyce discovering what the Nazis are up to. Photo grabbed from Google.

There’s a scene there that somewhat similar on what I saw in the movie Van Helsing. There is a Pacific Rim kinda feel of – “to fight monsters, we must build monsters of our own.” into it too.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have no idea who the actors are. Having that, it gives you this sense of thrill and fear for everyone in the movie. You don’t know which guy/gal will be spared from war and monsters.

All in all, Overlord is like a film that looks like any of those war films and games you liked and have it mixed up with zombies and resident evil-like creatures. I like this film. I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. 🙂

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