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I love dogs. They’re adorable and reliable. I grew up having pet dogs. I got so attached to them that they’re like family- or a best friend. It also got me wondering how it all started. How a dog became a man’s best friend.


Alpha movie poster. Photo grabbed from Google.

Alpha is the movie that gives an interesting take on how that bond came to be. According to the movie, it starts way back 20,000 years ago in Europe. When people are somewhat like cave men struggling to survive the harsh elements and the wildest of animals.

This movie is like a mix of How to Train your Dragon (except this one is a wolf), The Revenant, 10,000 B.C., Life of Pi, very small bits of Apocalypto and the visuals of Scott Snyder in 300. The story is simple. A journey of survival and a forming friendship between a boy and his dog…err…wolf.

The cinematography is amazing here. The mountains, the trees and the Aurora Borealis is breathtaking. It is like what the nature is like from The Revenant but less boring. You can also see the dark gritty side of savagery here.


This scene reminds me of 300. Photo grabbed from Google.

Despite the hardcore and terrifying manifestation of surviving in the wilderness, the film still had put in some lighthearted, warm and fuzzy scenes and bits that may bring out a little chuckle in you. They even put it some sort of foreshadowing on how a very known play between a man and his dog came to be. I like how decent it is. It is unlike those campy, B-level, boy-and-his-dog movies. There’s a bit of submission yes, but also danger given the fact that it is still a wolf.


The wolf and the boy. Photo grabbed from Google.


Overall, I like this film. I give it an 8 out of 10. If you’re a pet or dog lover, you’ll definitely going to enjoy this.



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