My Review on Mission Impossible: Fallout

It got me wondering why Mission Impossible: Fallout got a lot of praises from critics. Is the sixth installment the best of what the franchise has to offer? I took the time and try to see it for myself.


Mission Impossible: Fallout movie poster. Photo grabbed from Google.

It still has it own vibe and the main characters are becoming more vibrant as ever. Or maybe because of the build up we see around them on its past films. Sadly, Jeremy Renner is not in this film and Rebecca Ferguson is added to the mix. They also introduced great villains here, contemplating on how weak they are in character on the previous film.


Hunt on the hunt. Photo grabbed from Google

The action scenes are more intense and realistic as ever. Hands off to the new director. It proves that “shaky cam” isn’t the only way to go. The settings are also great here. It never fails if an action takes place on two of the best-known cities in Europe. It has great elements here and it is classy.


The IMF team. Photo grabbed from Google

The movie also shows the team effort. Its not always Ethan Hunt, but the team, that holds the plot together. What is more amazing in this is not how cool they do things or how quick they are able to get up after got beaten up but how flawed they are, especially Hunt. Tom Cruise is always been great as an actor. He shows a variety of emotions or reactions on each scene. Simon Pegg is the best addition to the team since Mission Impossible 3. Henry Cavill is also great here. He doesn’t look stoic on his acting like on Batman V. Superman. I think he got better. He also kicks ass.

The Mission Impossible franchise becomes better and better each film. Keep it up and running…yep, keep running Tom. 🙂


Run Ethan, Run!!! Photo grabbed from Google.

I’ll rate this 9 out of 10. Great film.



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