The Amerikana in Katipunan

Couple of weeks ago, I posted about Pan de Amerikana in Marikina. It turns out they also have another branch along Katipunan Ave. in Quezon City. So my friend and I went there last December.



An upside down house together with a jeep parked upside down. Only the motorcycle looks normal.


It seems there is always a space above whenever the parking lot is full.

At front you can already see how interestingly weird this place is. The premise looks like an upside down house.

There are some features here that are similar to its “Marikina counterpart”, but this one put some works on the ceiling.



If you wanna ask if the piano works…don’t…


They also put some features here that gives you the same “Pan de Amerikana vibe” in Marikina.


Checkered Skylight.


You can dine in here while Santa parks his jeep.


This picture is also put upside down. I just turned it around.


A water feature.


These are some interesting pavements.


Santa swinging while you’re dining.


If you are into instagram-worthy photos, I think this is worth visiting. 🙂


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