Our Wagging Tale

My friend and I went to this cafe in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City last December. The cafe is called Wagging Tails Cafe. It is a pet cafe similar to where we went to before a few years ago. If you want to check that out, Here’s the link:Man’s Best Friends at Barkin’ Blends


The Wagging Tails Cafe Sign.

The place is decent. To be on the “petting zone”, you have to go and order their beverages. Then you need to be on your flip-flops or sandals.


This is where the pets are. I call this the “petting zone’.


I was not wearing socks that time so I bought some to get inside. They require us to wear socks before getting in our flip-flops/ sandals.


The dogs here are quite friendly. Playful in their own way.


The wacky trio.


The duo on their seats.


How adorable! I really find Corgis cute.


They have a pot-bellied pig! 😀


A Pomeranian’s curiosity.


The Pug on top of the seat as the “Top Dog”.


Follow what the sign says.


This is a cool place. It was worth our time. Put this place in mind when you visit Maginhawa Street. 🙂


A Little Help for the Blog to Get Going.

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