My Review on Incredibles 2

It was 14 years ago when ‘The Incredibles’ punched its way through theatres. It is a superhero family film made by Disney and Pixar that has flown its way to everyone’s hearts up to this day. Now, they finally released its sequel, Incredibles 2.


Incredibles 2 poster. Photo grabbed from Google.

They fashioned the setting on where we are left off on the last film. It’s amazing to still see the superb interaction of the characters, especially their powers. Since they established the characters within the Parr family on the last movie, they decided to introduce more ‘supers’ here. Not only that, also an additional set of powers for jack-jack.



Elastigirl in action. Photo grabbed in Google

The movie showcases more on Elastigirl’s abilities and it is amazing. She is like a mix of Mr. Fantastic and Spiderman in this. If you ask me, her action scenes are a bit cooler compared to Mr. Incredible. She may have cooler screen time, but Mr. Incredible’s scenes are no doubt delivers the heart of the story. This movie is actually a good thing to watch for Father’s day. It is a good mix of superhero action and family comedy/drama. Frozone also has more scenes here compared to the last one. Jack-jack, with his numerous superpowers, is starting to look funnier and scarier at the same time. He even has his own fight scene here, and it is fun.


The Parr family/ The Incredibles. Photo grabbed from Google.


The villain here is not like the “you-love-to-hate” character, incrediboy/Syndrome of the first film. The villain’s plans maybe a bit pale compared to Syndrome but he/she is still a force to be reckoned with. It is still the film what you would hope will be in a Fantastic Four film. I cannot say if this film tops its predecessor. What I can say is they’re at par with each other. 🙂

I’ll rate this film 8/10. I hope it won’t take another fourteen years for the third film.


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