My Review on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


At first I thought they’re just going to make a soft reboot that also may work as a redeeming sequel for Jurassic Park, and that is Jurassic World, but I was wrong. I realize they seem to want a whole new trilogy. Now here comes Jurassic World sequel, with the subtitle: Fallen Kingdom.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom poster. Photo grabbed from Google

The way they did to the movie sequel is similar to how they made Indominus Rex in the first movie. In this case, it is a combination of both Jurassic Park and Lost World with some bits of Jurassic World.


A Baryonix. Photo grabbed from Google

They discreetly included in the film its predecessors’ “flavors”, especially ones that worked well in the past. They used The Lost World’s plot as a backbone to Fallen Kingdom’s plot. Then they used good scenes from the first Jurassic Park film and tweaked it in a way to have it compatible with the story. I, as a fan of the first Jurassic Park film and Lost World, can actually see the similarities with this film.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie is good. They may, for me, have low points on originality but they are really crafty on recycling the scenes. They also made it to the point where you can feel sympathy for the dinosaurs. Also on how cool the idea is of having a raptor as a pet.


A fun time with Baby Blue. Photo grabbed from Google

They may have played it safe but the movie still looks awesome.  I’ll rate this movie 8/10.


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