My Review on Cobra Kai

This may not be a movie but I, by the time I was done watching it, I suddenly felt an urge to make a review out of this series produced by Youtube Red. Cobra Kai serves as a saga continuation of the 1980’s film Karate Kid that brings us back to Danny Larusso (the karate kid) and old rival, Johnny Lawrence’s story. If you don’t know what Cobra Kai is, it is a Karate Dojo (or group) where Johnny Lawrence is affiliated with.


Cobra Kai Poster. Photo grabbed from Google.

The setting is 30 years after what happened at the all-valley tournament where Danny Larusso did his “winning kick” to his rival Johnny. A lot of things changed. Both have their own lives. Danny is now a successful businessman with a great family. Johnny in the other hand may have not been as successful. His life changed when a new neighbor came and inspired him to revive Cobra Kai which was closed down a few years ago. And because the series is entitled Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence is the main protagonist of the show.


Old rivals: Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso. Photo grabbed from Google.

It is a great series. It is a drama-comedy with karate action on the side. I may say there’s a bit of nostalgia on the scenes they show especially the ones from the Karate Kid film. They have introduced a new generation of characters specifically kids and they are brought in as new members of the Cobra Kai Dojo. They are introduced as “losers” but they “karate-chopped” their way to become bad-asses.

If I am going to rate this series, I’ll give it an 8/10 rating. It may not be as great as HBO’s Game of Thrones and Netflix’ Stranger Things Season 1 but it has enough “kick” to be at par with Netflix’ Stranger Things Season 2 and The Defenders series. If you’re a fan of the original Karate Kid movie or any martial arts film/series, this is definitely for you.


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