My Review on Deadpool 2

For a superhero character who is being rejected many times by the Avengers in the comics, He is now one of the best things that happened to Marvel. And then to Sony after they release the movie Deadpool last 2016. With the great reception they received, it seems they’re going to have it again with Deadpool 2.

deadpool 2 poster

Deadpool 2 poster. Photo grabbed from Google.

I like the montage and the opening credits in this is just as funny as in the previous one. The great thing about its opening credits is its like a parody of another great film franchise that is known for their opening credits.

deadpool-2 light

Deadpool doing a Flashdance parody. Photo grabbed from Google.

They made it right again when they introduced Domino and another favorite X-men villain. Cable is somewhat shorter here and it is funny that even Deadpool notices it. Don’t get me wrong, Josh Brolin is amazing as Cable. Their chemistry is great as a comedy duo. Cable is represented as the straight, serious, and brooding man and Deadpool as the talkative, hilarious, twisted guy. Sadly to say, there’s one character that I find annoying and I don’t feel any sympathy with.


Josh Brolin as Cable. Photo grabbed from Google.

The movie is amazing on its own unique way. The breaking of the fourth wall is as funny as always. They stepped it up by giving hints and names from other film franchises and “cinematic universes”. The story is great because of how unpredictable it is. I love the cameos here, but I seem to miss Stan Lee in here.

One thing the movie might suffer is for being “sequelly”. The surprise factor in this may have been less, for it already established its nature in the first movie. Another thing is that they have sort of recycled some scenes from the first film. It may not be a breath of fresh air, but it still going to leave you giggling.


Deadpool Forevah!

The post-credits are also funny. There are parts here that he really “made fun” of himself.

I’ll rate this movie 8/10.


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