My Review on A Quiet Place

I rarely watch horror films. I have two reasons why: The first is I’m a not into jump-scares. Second is that I am getting fed up with the overused tropes on horror films like a story of a bunch of teenagers getting stuck somewhere with a killer/s or about a family moving into a haunted house.

This one is no different. It is still about a family and there are also killers in this movie (How will it become a horror film without death in it, C’mon!). I was about to pass on this one but I keep seeing praises for this movie. So I got curious and watched it in a nearby cinema.


A Quiet Place Poster. Photo grabbed from Google.

A Quiet Place is a film set on a post apocalyptic era. A post apocalyptic setting maybe a bit old and used a lot theme but this one, doesn’t really show much of it. You would only get a hint from the first few minutes of the movie and the newspaper clippings hanging on the dad’s “communication room”.

What they did to this is very clever. One of the elements to make a good jump-scare is to engage the audience on a somewhat silent trance then surprises you with a loud noise. Since the premise is about living in an area with not much sound, it goes along pretty well using that particular element.


John Krasinski as the dad and also the director of the film. Photo grabbed from Google.

It’s kind of a mix of movies like The Signs (but way smarter), I am Legend, Don’t Breathe, and the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park.

I rate this movie 8/10 only because I am not into horror. But if you’re into one, this could be 10/10 for you. 🙂


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