My Review on Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim is one of my favorite films and it got me excited when they announced they’ll be making a sequel. Then I saw the trailer. It looks cool and it had me waiting for its release.


Pacific Rim Uprising Poster. Photo grabbed from Google

But prior to watching it, I’m getting bad reactions about the movie and It got me really curious. I found an opportunity to watch Pacific Rim Uprising in a nearby cinema here in Male. I saw the movie and with that, I have a lot to say about the movie.

It’s sort of a Young Adult Film
We are introduced to a younger, diverse, vibrant cast. It seems the reason they moved to that is to appeal on younger audiences. To have that connection and relativity. Younger characters have bigger flaws so they become more interesting than the ones from the previous film.

Pacific-Rim-Uprising kids

Young Adults of Pacific Rim Uprising. Photo grabbed from Google.

Other Y.A. films are somehow more well-thought-of compared to this because they came from books, and by authors. This is written by someone with a deadline. The result is having too many sub-plots a movie cannot handle. It looks convoluted. It may work as a series but not as a movie. Another problem with having a younger cast is that they are, most of the time, not good actors. They have this chaotic, hyperactive mess of presence. I often cannot catch what they say. They are getting the similar flaws with some of the casts of X-men Apocalypse and the Hunger Games sequels.

Insensitivity and Battle Tactics
There are scenes where some of the jaeger pilots do not put much care for civilians. They should have brought the kaiju/s on a less populated place or at least make an effort to do so. They have amazing weapons, but they seem to lack judgement on how to use them.

Theres no solid justification on why they still have jaegers despite the fact that they have closed the breach a few years ago. Another thing is training younger “aspiring” pilots regardless of the threat of decommissioning the jaeger program to replace it with drones.
I don’t really get what or where Newt is an expert at. He started to be like a biologist in the first movie and now hes more into mechanical stuff. But I do like his transition. No one expected what he’ll do until it is revealed.

Jing Tian’s character is not well-explained. Why does she has to speak in Chinese on the first half of the film and then speaks English afterwards? If it is to put some mystery into it then it didn’t work for me. If it is to appease the Chinese audience, then remember that there’s also the rest of world who became fans of the first one.  What works on Groot and Rocket’s way of conversing (in the first GOTG movie) does not work here. They should at least put in subtitles. Her transition is also weird. From being some kind of a CEO then turns into a mini-jaeger pilot? Her character should have been fleshed out further.

Sequel Problem
One of the reasons the first one succeeded is because of that “surprise” they brought. No one really know what Pacific Rim is until they watched it. Now, everyone knows what it is and they are expecting more of it. It is the time to do an upgrade. Pacific Rim Uprising did some of that. They made the robot fights in daytime. They put on more jaegers and bigger and better enemies. It is great, but there’s no upgrade on the pilots. They just introduced new ones so its like putting us back to square one to know these characters. They should have at least put some note on how Star Wars 7 did their intro of their new characters.

The Matrix Formula


I see virtual rockets. Photo grabbed from Google

The movie always have these scenes where they look at things (virtual ones) that passed by them as they dodge. It’s like Neo did when he dodged those bullets on the first matrix movie. It works fine at first but it seems forced when they do it the several times after. Is it a gimmick to make their fight scenes unique?

Fight Scenes and the Look
The giant fight scenes are great. And it happens at daytime so its as clear as it can be. They produced more sword fights here and less painfully slow plasma cannons. The Kaijus are as menacing as the first one and the jaegers are cooler. But I do miss designs like what they did to Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon.

Humor and Charisma
A splash of humor in the story and charisma of some of the actors work well in this film. But some of it feels a bit overdone that it goes againsts the darkness of the premise.


Their “buddy scenes” looks promising. Photo grabbed from Google

I’ll give this a 6/10. I hope they make it better on the third one.


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