Gotta see the Panda: A Swift Walk to the Ocean Park.

It was my third day stay in HK that I decided to go to the Hong Kong Ocean Park. The reason: To see a cuddly panda with my own eyes. I just cannot miss seeing a panda in person. I checked out on the hotel I stayed in in Tsing Yi and I took a taxi to get me to the nearest station. It took me more or less an hour and 3 subway lines to reach the park.

IMG_8331 with watermark

Hong Kong Ocean Park.

There was a storm that time and some of the rides are closed for the time being. I don’t mind since I’m more into “wildlife” than “wild rides”. And I only have an hour or so to not miss my flight.

IMG_8338 with watermark

Alligator chillin.


The sleeping giant panda.

IMG_8343 with watermark

A red panda!…Oh, I woke it up.

IMG_8350 with watermark

A Chinese giant salamander. The world’s largest salamander.

IMG_8360 with watermark

Turtle swimming towards the photographer.

IMG_8367 with watermark

A wild gibel carp. According to them, It is an ancestor of the goldfish.

IMG_8371 with watermark

Golden gibel carps.

IMG_8372 with watermark

A Wenyu and a carp-type goldfish.

IMG_8373 with watermark

Fantail Goldfish

IMG_8382 with watermark

A dragon-back type goldfish. Look at those googly eyes.

IMG_8387 with watermark

Egg-fish type goldfish

IMG_8389 with watermark

This one’s cute

IMG_8390 with watermark

This is a nice water feature.

IMG_8401 with watermark

A Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey and her caretaker.

IMG_8407 with watermark

Hey kiddo!

IMG_8410 with watermark

Hanging around his mom’s tail.

IMG_8421 with watermark

The dad is here.

IMG_8426 with watermark

This panda is awake.

IMG_8429 with watermark

Just a quick stroll then goes back to sleep.


Time to go. I will certainly come back to see them again. ‘Til next time 🙂

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