A Wander in the Garden and the Nunnery

On my second day in Hong Kong, I decided to go to one of their known gardens called the Nan Lian Garden. The hotel I stayed in was in Tsing Yi so it took me three subway trains before I reach Diamond Hill where the Nan Lian Garden is located.


IMG_8033 with watermark

IMG_8034 with watermark


There’s a hall here that shows scale models of I believe are prominent temples around China. The scale models are so detailed that it seems each pieces used here are as accurate as the ones they’re modeled for.

IMG_8049 with watermark

A scaled down model of a temple to show wooden brackets called dougongs that support wide eaves of most Chinese temples.

IMG_8065 with watermark

A scale model of the Sakyamuni Pagoda.

IMG_8084 with watermark

A scale model of the East Main Hall of the Foguang Monastery.

IMG_8089 with watermark

a close up to those miniaturized dougongs.

IMG_8104 with watermark

Stairway to Chi Lin Nunnery

IMG_8106 with watermark

The Zi Wu bridge and the Golden Pavilion

IMG_8128 with watermark

IMG_8139 with watermark

Pavilion Bridge

IMG_8147 with watermark

An interesting watermill cottage

IMG_8177 with watermark

The view under the shed


Blue Pond

IMG_8184 with watermark

IMG_8185 with watermark

IMG_8209 with watermark

Xiang Hai Xuan

IMG_8230 with watermark

Golden Pavilion and Zi Wu bridge on a different view.

IMG_8234 with watermark

IMG_8235 with watermark


After strolling around the garden, I then took the stairs ascending to a Buddhist temple called Chi Lin Nunnery. When I first saw it, It looks majestic. They have these amazing courtyards with man-made ponds. The ponds have lilies and statues drooling water.

IMG_8238 with watermark

IMG_8244 with watermark

IMG_8252 with watermark

Interesting dragon head water spouts.

IMG_8254 with watermark


IMG_8257 with watermark

The Bougainvillea and the Temple.

IMG_8264 with watermark

A stairway to go further inside but not for tourists.

IMG_8266 with watermark

IMG_8268 with watermark

lilies again

IMG_8270 with watermark

IMG_8272 with watermark

You might be expecting a ninja or a Kung-fu master jumping off this rooftop but hey, even the rooftop alone looks magnificent.

IMG_8276 with watermark

IMG_8300 with watermark

Wow! look how pretty this is. I saw it in a nearby souvenir shop. Pretty unusual to finish a series of “temple pics” with this, isn’t it?

By the way, you are not allowed to take pictures of the interiors of the temple. Sadly, I saw some stubborn tourists who do otherwise. It’s like “C’mon man! Respect their temples and their rules!”

These Chinese temples are so amazing. Hoping to see more in the future 😀

Time to go, ‘Til next time 🙂


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