Travelling to Ngong Ping

It was Maldives’ Independence day when I went out of the country to go to Hong Kong. In my first day in Hong kong, I went to Ngong Ping. It is located in the western part of the Lantau island. One way to get there is through a cable car, which is one of its famous rides. And with that, “famous” usually coincide with long cues. So to keep yourself from those, you have to book online. I opted the crystal cabin round-trip ride and it costs 30 US dollars to book.

It was my first time riding a cable car. It was so high and the floor is made up of glass so you can see what’s beneath you. The 20-min ride will bring you to Ngong Ping village where you can see the giant Buddha statue sitting on a mountain top.

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The main difference between a normal cabin and a crystal cabin is the flooring. the crystal cabin has a glass floor to see what’s beneath you. Some people say it’s scary, I actually enjoyed it.

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On my way to Ngong Ping through a crystal cabin cable car ride. You’ll know you’re close once you see the silhouette of the Tian Tan Buddha.

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Ngong Ping Village with the Giant Buddha on the background.

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A Paifang.


There are cows here.

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“Got milk?”


I took the stairway to the giant Tian Tan Buddha. It took me longer than I thought to reach the top. Maybe because I got sick days before my trip to HK and I kinda skipped my weekly exercise.

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The Tian Tan Buddha. The biggest Buddha I’ve seen so far.

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The Devas offering to Buddha.

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A nice view from the top, overseeing the Po Lin Monastery.

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The Tian Tan Buddha with some tourists taking pictures on my way downhill.


After the descend, I proceed to the Po lin Monastery. It is a Buddhist temple with amazing Chinese architecture. It is my first time to see such amazing feats in actual.

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Another paifang. On the way to the Po Lin Monastery.

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The Po Lin Monastery.

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One of the amazing friezes encased on the posts of the temple.

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They have these colorful dougongs or brackets with some sort of a dragon head on its corners.

IMG_7914 with watermark

That’s one colorful facade.

IMG_7945 with watermark

The Temple with the Giant Buddha’s silhouette on the background.


I also took a long walk to the place they call the Wisdom path.

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The Wisdom Path. It consists of wooden monuments inscribed with what I believe are prayers of the Heart Sutra.

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This is the way to the Lantau Peak. If you want to take a hike, here is where you go.


I went back to the Ngong Ping Piazza and again saw a cow roaming around…He also left some…droppings for tourists to step to. A souvenir maybe?

IMG_7988 with watermark

Holy cow!



Time to go home.

IMG_7741 with watermark

A cable car ride home.


If you have plans on going to Hong Kong, Don’t miss this. It’s a must-do. ‘Til next time 🙂


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