An afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab

It was the third day of my vacation in Dubai when I have my reservation for an afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar in Burj Al Arab. I was very excited because I am going to enter one of the iconic buildings here in Dubai. And to add up to that, I am going to eat in a place once claimed the title: “Best Hotel in the World”.

Only there’s a catch, There’s a dress code to get inside – smart casual. I only have my sneakers with me and they require closed-toe ones. I called them from my hotel to verify and it appears sneakers doesn’t fit the description. So I have no choice but to buy formal shoes in the Dubai Mall. Lesson: Double check if there’s a dress code on places you’ll be going prior to packing up your things before you leave.

It was noon and I called up a taxi from my hotel to send me straight to Burj Al Arab’s drop-off area. Sparing me from the scorching dessert sun. There I was astonished by the hotel’s atrium. So I took out my camera and start taking pictures.

IMG_7543with watermark

The Atrium

IMG_7547 with watermark


IMG_7558 with watermark

A beautiful water feature.

IMG_7569 with watermark

The way to the Sky–view bar.

IMG_7576 with watermark

I love this.

IMG_7578 with watermark

These are superb!

IMG_7640 with watermark

The flooring itself is a masterpiece

IMG_7641 with watermark

Even the chandelier


Looking up as I descend


If you’re planning to go to Dubai, This is a must-go. Don’t miss out this exquisite experience. ‘Til next time 🙂


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