Burj Khalifa: A Tour to the Tallest Skyscraper

When I used to think about going to Dubai, the first building I thought of visiting is Burj Khalifa. By the time I got my visa and plane ticket, I waste no time and booked myself a reservation online for the tour inside the tallest skyscraper. It was roughly $140 to get a booking.

Once you’re there, you have to go inside the Dubai mall and into its lower ground level. There were a lot of people on cue. Good thing I made a reservation to save me from long lines. The tour starts from the ground floor straight to the 148th then on the 125th and 124th level.

IMG_6803 with watermark

The Burj Khalifa at the ground floor.


At the 148th Floor

IMG_6826 with watermark

A splendid view of the city.

IMG_6827 with watermark

My reflection on a beautifully etched wall.

IMG_6842 with watermark

An elegant ceiling

IMG_6844 with watermark

Comfortable seats to relax to. They also offer sweets and drinks.

IMG_6846 with watermark

IMG_6854 with watermark

IMG_6859 with watermark


Going Down.

IMG_6868 with watermark


At the 125th

IMG_6879 with watermark

The view of the famous Dubai fountain.

IMG_6880 with watermark

The world’s tallest skyscraper slightly overshadows the Dubai Mall

IMG_6877 with watermark

Amazing geometric design on the ceiling.

IMG_6890 with watermark

Reflection of visitors experiencing the view.

IMG_6915 with watermark



At the 124th

IMG_6944 with watermark

View of the top from the 124th level.

IMG_6960 with watermark

IMG_6988 with watermark

IMG_6997 with watermark

View of the sunset.

IMG_7093 with watermark

View at night.

IMG_7098 with watermark

Night life. City life.

IMG_7108 with watermark

A grand staircase with an extravagant chandelier that leads the tourists on the 125th to the 124th level.


I only posted a few pics here. Which it seems enough to entice.  It won’t be fair if I post all I’ve seen there right? Visit Burj Khalifa. It’s a wonderful experience. ‘Til next time 🙂


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  1. Nice pictures of the tallest building. Never been there, the view looks amazing!

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