What I Like About The Dubai Mall

Hello guys! It’s been awhile since I last posted about my trip to Dubai. I was too busy from work here in Maldives so I grab any time I have – to work on my blog.

On this post, I want to share to you guys the pictures I took while I was inside the Dubai Mall. I already post some of them on my previous post, but I’ll put the rest on this one. The following are the ones, that for me, are very interesting because of the fact that they are new to me. That I haven’t seen such on shopping malls I’ve been to before.

One of great features inside the mall is their larger than life aquarium. Most of the photos I took are with sharks because you seldom see sharks on an aquarium, particularly inside a mall.

IMG_7235 with watermark

IMG_7240 with watermark

IMG_7271 with watermark

IMG_7294 with watermark

IMG_7327 with watermark

Those are just ceiling lights coincidentally reflecting to that shark’s eyes. Looks cool though.

IMG_7329 with watermark

IMG_7333 with watermark

IMG_7349 with watermark

IMG_7374 with watermark



I once shown a picture of the floating umbrellas on my previous post but in this, We have a clock post sitting at the center.

IMG_7428 with watermark


Just look how intricate and gorgeous their tile work on the floor. They are really amazing.

IMG_7425 with watermark


Another view of the interior fountain which is as beautiful as the previous one I posted.

IMG_7402 with watermark


There is also a dinosaur fossil skeleton displayed inside. Kids would love to see this in real life…er…I mean see the actual bones.

IMG_7530 with watermark


Lastly, The Dancing Fountain. Well, technically it’s located outside, but the dancing fountain is an attraction to behold because of its lights and sounds. And on top of that, the water jets that gives an illusion of water pillars dancing to the music. As if they do…belly dancing.

IMG_7466 with watermark


My next post will be my pics inside the World’s Tallest Skyscraper. Til’ next time 🙂


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