My Trip to Dubai

I went on a vacation in Dubai and it was an awesome. It was my first time to get out of Maldives and my first time to go in Dubai.

Good thing my friend convinced me to go there since it is only a few hours away. With her help, I was able to get ideas on how my trip is going to be once I get there. I managed to booked my flight to Emirates Airlines since they offer Visa services. I took a 96-hour visa that cost around $60. My flight costs around $500. My friend said it is only a few dollars more if you’re coming from the Philippines, but the trip would take longer.


I checked in Roda Al Murooj because it is only a few walks away from the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. Maybe 15-20 mins away. You’ll just have to put in mind that Dubai climate is something else. It was 45-50 degrees Celsius outside. If you can bear it, good. If you cannot and you have enough of a budget, you can always call a cab. By the way, I stayed there in 3 days and cost me slightly higher than my flight.


IMG_7202 with watermark

Roda Al Murooj Hotel. It is just across the highway from the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall

They say this mall is the biggest so far, but I guess its only at par with size as SM City North and SM Mall of Asia. It maybe the biggest considering the fact that the floor-to-ceiling height is higher compared to SM’s malls. And the Mall also has an amazing fountain and an aquarium. The Mall is a nice place for a Filipino tourist. There are a lot of Filipinos working there that you can ask for directions and prices of what they sell in your native tongue.

IMG_7270 with watermark

A three-storey high aquarium inside the Dubai Mall.

IMG_7411 with watermark

An interior water feature that shows water cascading with hanging sculptures of somewhat people diving through the waterfall.

IMG_7423 with watermark

Hanging colorful umbrellas. A nice idea on how to play with the mall’s skylight.


The Burj Khalifa

The moment I got my visa and air flight, I waste no time and reserved a visit inside the world’s highest skyscraper. Upon making a reservation, you can choose a time when you can visit. I thought of doing it before sunset so to get wonderful photo shots.

IMG_6803 with watermark

The Burj Khalifa at the ground level.

IMG_6941 with watermark

Burj Khalifa at the 124th Level

IMG_7010 with watermark

Burj Khalifa at the 125th level. Overlooking the cityscape as the sun sets.


The Burj Al Arab

I thought of visiting the world’s most iconic hotel. I emailed them if I can and I got a positive response. It turns out I can get a visit inside by reserving a table for an afternoon tea. It costs almost $200 for the reservation.

IMG_7544 with watermark

The Burj Al Arab Atrium

IMG_7648 with watermark

A colorful water feature with water cascades and water jets.

IMG_7584 with watermark

Inside the Skyview Bar, Burj Al Arab



I also managed to go to other places like The Mall of the Emirates, St. Mary’s Church, and Suki Pinoy Restaurant.

IMG_7664 with watermark

The Mall of the Emirates’ amazing skylight.

IMG_7434 with watermark

St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

IMG_7435 with watermark

The Suki Pinoy Restaurant



IMG_7453 with watermark

Burj Al Arab with the moon.

It was a cool experience. There are still a lot of places besides the ones I have been to. I suggest you try them out. Till next time 🙂


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