My Review on Wonder woman

Wow! I have been very busy for the last couple of months that I missed out my supposed to be schedules of posting on my blog. A few days ago, because of the reactions I saw from netizens, I decided to watch Wonder woman.

For what I know so far, This is pretty much the first Wonder woman movie that seems DC and Warner Brothers again are taking a gamble for it. As you know, DC is known for their, rather different approach on the superhero movie genre.

I saw the movie at the Schwack Cinema in Maldives and I enjoyed the movie. To me, the movie mainly shows two things: ideal qualities of an ideal woman and a sense of wonder as the story unfolds.


Wonder woman about to engage. Photo grabbed on Google

When I say qualities of of an ideal woman, it shows qualities like of a mother. How Queen Hippolyta cares for her daughter, Diana (Wonder Woman). Diana’s compassion for others. Her reaction when she saw people that were affected by the war. Even the way she reacts when she sees a baby, which is funny. Gal Gadot is a good fit for the character.

It has a sense of wonder because as the story progresses it raised a lot of questions. It’s not that it’s a bad thing but it somehow plays wih your mind on how far her abilities would take her.

Chris Pine is a great actor here. His character sometimes sort of represent the viewers on his reactions. One example is his gesture/response on the tales being said by Diana about her purpose and perspective on certain things.

The fight scenes are great. It seems DCEU is good with Room fight scenes as Marvel and Netflix for Hallway fight scenes.

The villains are bad-asses. A lot better compared to Doomsday in BvS.

Its a great movie. Kudos to DC and WB 🙂


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