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It is been awhile since I last posted a blog post here. I apologize that it took this long due to the fact that I moved to Maldives for work and there has been a lot of changes ever since. One of these days I will post some of my experiences here (which will more likely be pictures I took). Right now, let me share with you what I think about the most recent X-men movie, Logan.

Logan poster

Logan Poster, photo grabbed from Google

It is loosely based on the graphic novel  Old Man Logan. In the movie, the story shows Logan a.k.a. Wolverine of the X-men on the twilight of his years. Together with the very old Charles Xavier and a new mutant X-23, they went through a struggle to survive from a group of bad guys (I swear the plot is a lot better than the way I said it, I just don’t want to spill the beans.)


Wolvie and X-23. Photo grabbed from Google

Some writers say that to make a character interesting for the reader/viewer, the writer should provide three things to a character: Honesty, Flaw and Goal.

The movie Logan did a MARVELous job on showing those things. Also, the story is fresh and unpredictable ( except that one particular scene where it is pretty much obvious what the antagonist’s weak spot is). It may be against its comic book counterpart but it genuinely shows what Wolverine should be like.

Kudos to the writer/s and staff.

Oh, I’ll give this a 9 out of 10. Some say it is at par with “The Dark Knight”. So go watch this.

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