What I think about Star Wars: The Force Awakens


A not so long ago, My brother and I planned to watch Star Wars VII in a Bonifacio High Street Cinema. It turns out that the tickets were sold out a day before, so we went to a “less comfy” cinema of a mall…far, far away…

And there, we watched it.


The Poster.

It is the exact great sequel people (especially fanboys or Star Wars fan) would love to see. The story-telling, witty humor and the use of “force” (hehe) is splendid.

It is like watching the old Star Wars movies (episodes 4, 5, and 6) with the use of the best effects we have today.

They fairly introduced the new characters. Protagonists like Finn and Rey are pretty unique. BB-8 is both adorable and funny. Kylo Ren seems to be this generation’s Darth Vader. The old characters are as amazing as they were. Every scene with them is just so great to watch.

It is pretty much a fact that Star Wars VII has its own great flavor. An amazing mix of old and new. The force is strong with this one.

And to end this with, Here’s a picture of the two best buddies.


Once you watched it, You’ll get it. May the Force be with you. 🙂


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