Man’s Best Friends at Barkin’ Blends

My brother told me about a cafe that has dogs in it. Fairly unusual so My friend and I went to see it. It is called the Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe. It is located at J&R Concon Centre, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. It is somewhat near Ateneo de Manila University.

Nice place, a bit small but cozy and appealing. The cafe has two parts. The usual “cafe part” and the “dogs’ area.” We actually skipped on the “dining experience” and went straight to the dog’s area. We want to meet the dogs! But to get there, we have to, at least, buy one of their beverages. And we did.

I only managed to take pictures of only a few dogs for the reason of some being asleep on the tight corners of the room and others busy playing with other visitors.


Dogs all around!



It is nice to see such fluff and fur.



Skye, the sleepy Siberian Husky.


Martha, the Irish Setter

Martha, the Irish Setter.


I think She likes my camera

I think She likes my camera.


Vader and Wookie. Still in battle even after 6 episodes.

Vader and Wookie. Still in battle even after 6 episodes.


Booster.No boost for today.

Booster.No boost for today.


There's a dog pile!

There are dogs everywhere.


"May I join you?"

“May I join you?”





Coco wants to join in as well.

Coco wants to join in as well.


She's awake!

She’s awake!


Skye and Psyche

Skye and Psyche.


The bond of man and dog.

The bond of man and dog.


Psyche, Wookie and Ella

Psyche, Wookie and Coco. playing ruff!


Ella and Skye

Ella and Skye.

It is such a nice cafe to go to. I hope there are more places like this.


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