MTG Shops in Cubao

Here is a guide for MTG(Magic: The Gathering) players (especially the new ones) on MTG shops found in Cubao, Quezon City.



CARD SHARK. Located on the second floor of Farmers Market. It is among the Cellular phone and cheap gadget stalls.



ADMIRAL BEAGLE. Located on the fourth floor of Farmers Market. It is near the stalls of independent clothing sellers. It is almost beside another MTG shop, Crazy8.

Mang Gerry.

Mang Gerry.



CRAZY8. Also located on the fourth floor of Farmers Market. Almost beside Admiral Beagle.



KICK ENGINES. Located in Cubao Expo. It is beside antique shops and a coffee vending machine.

This shop also sells skateboards.

This shop also sells skateboards.

IMG_3456 IMG_3457


So far, those are the MTG shops I know. If you know other MTG shops within the Metro, feel free to make a comment. 🙂


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  1. Nice one! I think including the links of their Facebook pages would be helpful as well. 🙂

  2. Ali Mall pa Urban Legends bro 😀

  3. My advice sa mga nakabasa na nito, if you want cheap cards and hard to find ones go to Crazy8 kung wala sa crazy 8 then check Admiral Beagle, prices on Crazy8 are way more cheaper than admiral’s

    lets say a Sorin, SV cost 1k+ on Card Shark on Admiral it will cost around 800 or lower but on Crazy8 a Sorvin, SV will cost 500 which is the SRP for the card.. very cheap i must say.

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