White day at the Talking Apples Cafe

I went to Allegro Center to see a cafe with an interesting twist.

The Allegro Center. Located beside the Pasong Tamo Extension.

The Allegro Center. Located beside the Pasong Tamo Extension.

This particular cafe has cosplayers on it. I have been to cosplay events and cafes for years and I’ve never thought that there would be a cafe with cosplayers serving as waiters. So I went and looked inside.


Butlers. All dressed up and ready to serve.



Cosplayers dressed up as butlers as it was the cafe’s theme that day.

These “Butlers” have different personas. Each one portraying (or cosplaying, if you will) a certain character. Different from ordinary butlers or waiters on fine diners. It’s kinda cool of you asked me.


A guy with an Eye glass and a playing card of a guy wearing an eye glass..hmm…


A white rose for the white day. Girls would dig that.

A white rose for the white day.


While your waiting for your order, you'll be served with drinks and a chocolate chip cookie.

While waiting for your order, you’ll be served with drinks and a chocolate chip cookie.


And that chocolate cookie has an oreo cookie inside it.

And that chocolate chip cookie has an Oreo cookie inside it.


Served well by this lovely butler.

Served well by this lovely butler.

As I looked around, customers had their taste of, what I can say, a “cosplayed service”.







They even gave flowers. and yes, even I'm a guy, I received one as well. and Yeah, I find it weird. hehe

They even gave flowers to their customers as to commemorate White day (Google it). and yes, even a guy like me received one as well. and yeah, I find it weird too. hehe

After a few minutes. Here came the main dish.


One of the butlers (The guy wearing a green bandanna on the previous pictures) said that if we want, they could make designs (using condiments) in the dish as part of their service. He actually did a pretty good job in it.


The dish is pretty satisfactory.

The food is pretty satisfactory.

What I find great about the cafe is that they find ways to entertain their customers. On one table, a butler brought out her playing cards and played with the customers. On my table, since I mentioned that I am an artist, two of the butlers brought in their drawing pad and asked me to draw with them. And I did. It was fun.






If you are an Anime or Manga enthusiast or you’re the type of person who really love anything related to cosplay, This place is definitely for you. They even encourage people to be on their costumes(on cosplay of any character they want) as they enter.  They also provide themes for the cafe. It can be a cafe of butlers, or maids, or even warriors( this actually what I hope to see). All in all, Anime fans, dine in! 🙂


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  1. Astig! Never thought there’s such a place like this along Pasong Tamo extension 😀

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